Nessel Township

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Permits & Policy

Building & Driveway Permits

All building permits and driveway permits are obtained in
the County Zoning Office located at:

Chisago County Government Center
313 North Main Street   Room 243
Center City, Minnesota  55012-9663   
Phone: (651) 213-8370

You are required to install a swing arm mailbox post which meets current postal
standards. The Township has the required mailbox posts available for purchase.


Burning Permits

Burning permits must be obtained from the local Fire Warden at
the Rush Point Store (763) 689-1088 located at the intersection of
County Road 7 and County Road 4.

Snow Removal Policy & Procedures 

(approved by the Town Board November 2009)
       Snow Removal Policy
        A.    Nessel Township’s goal is to have all roads passable within a reasonable amount of time after the snowfall has stopped.
        B.    The Township does not assure a completely bare road surface and drivers are urged to use caution and drive with care.
        C     The legal speed limit may not be possible at all times.


 Dispatching of Snowplow
Snowplow equipment will usually not be dispatched until after the snowfall has stopped and 3 inches of snow have accumulated.  During extended periods of snowfall, exceptions may be made.  The snowplow will not be sent out in situations that may be hazardous due to restricted visibility.

Clearing of roads will generally happen in three phases: 

1) Making the road passable
2) Widening
3) Cleaning up
*Depending on the situation, more than one phase may be accomplished at one time.*

Personal Properties
A.    Mailboxes and fences damaged during snow removal will be evaluated case by case.  Only those mailboxes properly located
       and installed and damaged by actual contact with Contractor equipment will be repaired at Township expense.
B.    Township residents are reminded that it is unlawful to plow snow from driveways onto or across public roads. Piles of
       snow left on or near the road can freeze into a solid mass creating a hazardous situation for both vehicles and snowplows.
       Accidents and damages caused by snow piles left in or on the side of the roadway may result in liability to the property
       owner. Snow piles left on the side of a roadway increase the chances of drifting snow onto the road. Vehicles left or
       parked in the Township road right-of-ways will be towed at the owner’s expense. Residents are reminded to remove
       all obstructions from the Township road right-of-ways.
C.    Nessel Township and Leaf Construction are not responsible for damages if any vehicles and equipment are in road
D.    All residents of Nessel Township are responsible to clear their own driveways or hire a private contractor to plow their
        private property.