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Minutes: January 9, 2024, Regular Board Meeting Presented for approval at the February 13, [...]

Policy Manual

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The Nessel Township policy manual can be viewed here.

Requests for Public Information

3.15 Requests for Public Information

As a rural township, Nessel Township is exempt from compliance with the Minnesota Data Practices Act. When requested to provide public information the Township will in good faith attempt to provide the information under the following conditions:

  • The requester shall schedule an in-person meeting with the Clerk to identify what information is being requested. An itemized list shall be provided by the requester at or prior to this meeting.
  • At this meeting the Clerk will provide a verbal description of what is readily available, what is not readily available and an estimate of the level of effort required to search out and provide the requested material. The Clerk may spend up to one hour in this initial meeting at no cost to the requester.
  • If after the initial meeting, the requester wishes the Clerk, or Treasurer, to spend more time continuing to search or gather information the requester shall pay for the Clerk/Treasurers time and expenses while continuing the search. Payment shall be for the Clerk/Treasurers hourly wage and expenses per current Township policy.
  • The requester shall provide a $200.00 deposit before the search will begin or continue.
  • The Clerk/Treasurer will continue the search, as it fits their schedules, until the search is complete or the deposit is expended.
  • Unused portions of any deposit will be returned to the requestor.
  • Deposit will also cover any miscellaneous expenses, i.e. copies or postage, as deemed appropriate by the Board.
  • Clerk will not search for non-Township information or records.

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