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Annual Meeting for Public Notice 2022

Policy Manual

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The Nessel Township policy manual can be viewed here.

Policy Manual

Public Records

Access to Public Information

It is the intent of the Board to provide reasonable means of access to public information held by the Town. Information in the possession of the Town shall be considered public unless the Board determines the information to be non-public. Access to information determined by the Board to be non-public shall be limited to Town officers and those who have a right to access the information by law.

Request for Information

Anyone may request, either verbally or in writing, to inspect or to receive photocopies of public information held by the Town. Those wishing to inspect public records should contact the Town Clerk to make arrangements to view the information either at a Board meeting or at such other time as may be mutually convenient.

Fees applicable to the request:

Labor – $15.00/hr.
Photocopying – $15/hr + .10 per copy
Mailing – Actual Cost

* If the total estimated cost exceeds $30, the requestor must pay the entire estimated amount before the Town will undertake to satisfy the request. If the actual cost is less than the estimated cost, the Town will refund the difference at the time the copies made available to the requestor. If the actual cost is more than the estimated cost, the requestor must pay the additional amount before receiving the copies.

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