Minutes: February 8, 2022 Regular Board Meeting

Presented for approval at the March 8, 2022 Board Meeting


The meeting was called to order at 7:00 pm by Chair Michelle Meis, the Pledge of Allegiance was recited.  Supervisor’s present includes Stan Iskierka, John Paitl, Betsy Rising and absent was Supervisor Branden Mell.  Treasurer Mary Dillner (via Skype) and Clerk Mary Winter were also present.



Motion to approve the agenda by John Paitl, seconded by Betsy Rising.  Approved.


Motion to approve the minutes by Stan Iskierka, seconded by John Paitl.  Approved.

Audit Minutes

Motion to approve the minutes by Stan Iskierka, seconded by Betsy Rising.  Approved.

Treasurer’s Report

Motion to approve the Treasurer’s Report by John Paitl, seconded by Betsy Rising.  Approved.


Motion to approve paying bills by Betsy Rising, seconded by Stan Iskierka.  Approved.

  • Treasurer made mention of notable payables paid in January that were not reflected on January bills are JR Tree Experts, LLC for $500.00 and Lakeside Hoop Structures for $23,456.00.  Both payables are reflected in the financial statement.
  • Today we received $50,422.00 from Chisago County for the roads.

CSAH 6 Project

  • Joe Triplett, Chisago County Engineer/Director addressed the board on CSAH 6 Project.  
  • Joe brought a graphic layout of the CSAH 6 Project for the board to review.  
  • Joe stated we are still very early in the process.  Have been doing borings and survey work.  They have a couple of different alignment options at this time.  One option was originally from 1972 or 1973 that was actually meant to do this project.  
  • Currently looking at impacts and preliminary designs.  There will be quit a few wetlands impact anywhere they seem to go.  
  • Permitting will be something that they will work through with the agencies, the DNR and the Army Core.  
  • Started working on alternative analyzes when complete we will have the agencies in to talk.  
  • Gathering what ground intel they can.  
  • Still want to get at this project next year.  
  • Project speaking the county will be juristically transfer some roads, they will give us back some roads and the county will have to take some.
  • Will do a road tour sometime in the future with the board as they are further in the process.  
  • The Board, 2 residents and Joe Triplett gathered around the graphic layout.  Joe explained the options on the graphic layout.  The board asked several questions in regards to CSAH 6.  The Board was satisfied at this time with the update provided by Joe on the CSAH 6 project.

Open Forum

None at this time.

Road Maintenance Report

  • Did some ice cutting and putting the shoulders back.
  • We had about 1” snow last month once.
  • Was rear ended last Friday in the grader.  The women claimed that he backed over her.  Not true, I was going forward when I got hit.  This happened on Basswood and County Road 7.  I called the Sheriff and took pictures.  He let Stan know of the accident.  
  • The roads are all in pretty good shape.
  • Garbage in the road – 2 big recliners, a chair, 3 mattresses, carpet, couch.  Took all to Evergreen to dispose.  The cost is covered by the county.  If Evergreen does not take the garbage John must go to the dump to dispose.  
  • Stan believes there will be more garbage all over the township due to cost to dispose of garbage.  

Committee Reports

  1. Road Committee 
    • John has been scraping the ice and not plowing much.  John will be doing more ice scaping than plowing.  
  1. Budget Committee  
    • No update at this time.  
  1. Contract Committee 
    • No update at this time.
  1. Policy Committee  
    • No update at this time.

Old Business

  • Stan brought up why don’t we replace the rug and paint the inside.  A lot of years on the rug and the meeting it is dirty.  We have the funds currently with the ARPA Funds.  The Board discussed the various options for the flooring, epoxy, tile or carpet. The Board decided to table until after the budget.  The floor and painting will go in a future bucket.
  • Board Chair recommended the next project that is worked on the is the other half of the roof on the garage (west side).    
  • Stan will work with contractors to receive quotes.  
  • Quote will be opened at April Board Meeting.

New Business

  1. Resolution 02-2022 to spend ARPA Funds 
    • Discussion around purchasing a township vehicle for road committee supervisor use.  Pros and cons of using your personal vehicle.  For safety reasons we should have Nessel Township indicated on the side of the vehicle.    
    • Motion to approve Resolution 02-2022 to spend ARPA Funds by Stan Iskierka, seconded by Betsy Rising.  Approved.  
  1. Approve Supervisor’s Report  
    • Discussion around switching banks from Unity.  The board is satisfied with the safe guards Unity Bank have put in place.  
    • Motion to approve Supervisor’s Report by Betsy Rising, seconded by Stan Iskierka.  Approved
  1. Approve to Publish Annual Meeting.
    • Motion to approve to Publish Annual Meeting by Stan Iskierka, seconded by Betsy Rising.  Approved

D. Approve Annual Meeting Agenda.

    • Motion to approve Annual Meeting Agenda by John Paitl, seconded by Stan Iskierka.  Approved
  1. Century Link – WIFI and phone
    • Supervisor Branden Mell requested this be brought to the board to give direction to the clerk to check into or not.
    • Clerk has left several messages to our account manager and have not received a return call
    • Clerk will continue to contact Century Link and provide an update at next meeting.  

Motion to adjourn by Betsy Rising, seconded by John Paitl at 8:06 pm.   Approved.