Minutes: March 15, 2023 Regular Board Meeting

Presented for approval at the April 12, 2023 Board Meeting

The meeting was called to order at 7:00 pm by Chair Michelle Meis, the Pledge of Allegiance was recited.  Supervisors present includes Stan Iskierka, Branden Mell, Doug Johnson, and Betsy Rising.  Clerk Mary Winter via Skype and, Treasurer Mary Dillner were also present.


Motion to approve the agenda by Betsy Rising, seconded by Stan Iskierka.  Approved.

  • Added to the agenda under Road Committee – Amble Ave.

Board Meeting Minutes

Motion to approve the minutes by Branden Mell, seconded by Doug Johnson.  Approved.

Treasurer’s Report

Motion to approve the Treasurer’s Report by Betsy Rising seconded by Doug Johnson.  Approved.


Motion to approve paying bills by Stan Iskierka, seconded by Betsy Rising.  Approved.

Preliminary Plat – Zackary Meadows

  • Preliminary Plat was approved at the February Board meeting.  Board members signed the documents from the county at this meeting.  Supervisor Stan will mail documents to the county.

Open Forum

  • Question from resident asking what it meant when he saw at election time, we had an “Open Seat” on the Nessel Township website.  Chair Michelle explained there was a vacant seat on the board.  The seat was filled by Supervisor Doug at the November election.  Clerk will ensure the website is updated.

Road Maintenance Report

  • A lot of chipping.  Stock of chip is almost used up.  Everything is getting very soft.
  • A lot of plowing and chipping of ice.  A lot of drifting from the last snow.
  • The roads are getting very messy with the rain, refreezing, and thawing.
  • Concerned with the predictions on the snow is coming and the rain prior to that.
  • A lot of residents are pushing snow across the road.  Garbage cans and recycling are being put in the road.
  • Would like to look at doing something with Betsy’s end of driveway on the road tour.  The road is very narrow.

Committee Reports

  1. Road Committee
  • Amble Ave. – Supervisor Stan brought a picture of the area for the board to review.  Stan suggested we wait until the snow is gone before a project is undertaken.  Suggested recommendation; We go to the county and make sure we still have the right away before we come up with a plan.  There should be 40 feet to work with.  Maybe widen the road.  Surveyor used in past is Widseth from Wyoming or Cambridge.  Kelly Jordan is the owner out of Cambridge.
  • 1st step check with county where the stakes are so the township will have a good idea of where we could cut down trees if needed.
  1. Budget Committee
    • Nothing at this meeting.
  1. Contract Committee
    • Century Link – Supervisor Branden stated Century Link has given us cost breakouts but it was not clear how they came up with the cost.  We were on a Skype meeting, they shared a map of the project numbers which made sense.  They stated they removed all associated cost from Shorewood Sanitary District.  They will now revise their spreadsheet again.  By using the map, we will be able to associate the cost and which roads they are applied to.  CenturyLink goal is to have the info back to us by April 1st.  Stan says it covers Dakota Circle and some homes on Hwy 1.
  1. Policy Committee
    • Nothing at this meeting.
  1. Clerk’s Township Update –
    • Clerk present monthly report of township happenings.
      • We received the new vacuum.  The board recommends to through out the old vacuum.

Old Business

  1. Furnace Quotes
    • Supervisor Doug reviewed the quote with the board from Ray’s Service Center.  It includes a WIFI thermostat.  Ray’s want to stress this is a much more efficient system with the air conditioner having a 2-stage system which will just sit in idle when there is not much going on at the townhall – 2nd stage will automatically kick in to air mode when there is additional heat in the building.  Return system will be totally redone.  The new system will be cost efficient.
    • Motion to approve Ray’s Service Center Estimate for both a new energy efficient furnace and air conditioner with the WIFI thermostat totaling $13,000.00 by Branden Mell, seconded by Betsy Rising.  Approved.
    • Supervisor Branden recommends we consider replacing the truck that has a township logo on it using the ARPA funds we still have.
    • Recommended by Chair Michelle to replace road signs that are needed in the township.  The signage the township needs will be reviewed by the road committee during the road tour.
    • Supervisor Stan and Treasurer Mary D. volunteered to meet to get quotes for the truck replacement.  Suggested specs – Either a ¾ or ½ ton with a plow, extended cab and 4-wheel drive.

New Business

  1. Road Tour Date
  • Road Tour will be set at the April Board Meeting.
  1. Approval to Publish Gravel Quotes
  • Board discussed the quantity requested.  It was determined to leave the quote for 7000 cubic yards.
  • Motion to approve to Gravel quotes by Branden Mell, seconded by Betsy Rising.  Approved.     
  1. Approval to Publish Crack Sealing Quotes
  • Board discussed the request for crack sealing quotes and the roads it would include.
  • Motion to approve to Crack Sealing Quotes by Branden Mell, seconded by Betsy Rising.  Approved.
  1. Approval to Publish Chip Sealing Quotes
  • Board discussed the map showing the roads that will need chip sealing.
  • Motion to approve Chip Sealing Quotes by Branden Mell, seconded by Doug Johnson.  Approved.
  • Supervisor Stan mentioned Dust Control Chloride the township will needed.  This will be on the April agenda
  • Supervisor Branden asked if this is a gravel year for Clover.  The answer is yes.  The road committee is aware of when roads will be graveled and then dust controlled.
  • Supervisor Branden asked if the company we used showed any interest in putting chloride tanks at Nessel Township.  Supervisor Stan stated they are using rail hubs at this time.
  1. Approval of 2024 Levy
  • Motion to approve 2024 Levy by Branden Mell, seconded by Stan Iskierka.  Approved.
  1. Approval of 2024 Budget
  • Motion to approve 2024 Budget by Branden Mell, seconded by Stan Iskierka.  Approved.
  1. Approval of Supervisor’s Report
  • Motion to approve Supervisor’s Report by Branden Mell, seconded by Stan Iskierka.  Approved.
  1. Reminder – LBAE meeting Wednesday April 19, 2023 at 9:30 a.m.

FYI – Branden looked on-line and there were not any local road improvement funds from the state or


Motion to adjourn by Betsy Rising, seconded by Stan Iskierka at 8:07 pm.   Approved.