The meeting was called to order at 7:00 pm by Chair Michelle Meis, the Pledge of Allegiance was recited.  Supervisors present included Stan Iskierka, Branden Mell and Doug Johnson. Clerk Heather Sward, and Treasurer Mary Dillner were also present.


Motion to approve the agenda by Branden Mell, seconded by Michelle Meis.  Approved.

Board Meeting Minutes

Motion to approve the February 13th, 2024 regular board meeting minutes by Branden Mell, seconded by Doug Johnson.  Approved.

Treasurer’s Report

Motion to approve the Treasurer’s Report by Branden Mell, seconded by Stan Iskierka.  Approved.


The Muddy Gap Hollow snowplow guarantee contract language was reviewed.  The board was in agreement that in the event the maintenance and/or snowplowing total amount exceeded the guaranteed amount of $4,000 there would not be an extra snowplow guarantee paid.  The adjustment of December, January, and February’s Muddy Gap Hollow invoices for the over/under payment of the snowplow guarantee adjusted the total Muddy Gap payable to $28,594.09

Motion to adjust the Muddy Gap Hollow invoice #379 from $34,616.89 to $28,594.09 based on the deduct from invoice #374 for the month of December in the amount $2,959.60 and the addition of $80.00 to invoice #377 for the month of January and a subtraction on invoice #379 of $3,143.20 for the revised total of $28,594.09 by Branden Mell, seconded by Michelle Meis.  Approved.
Motion to approval paying of the bills in the adjusted amount of $49,109.47 by Branden Mell, seconded by Michelle Meis.  Approved.

Variance Request

Budzynski – 1498 509th St. Variance Request. Mr. Budzynski requested a variance to add a second story to the existing structure.  Motion to approve the requested variance for the home remodel by Branden Mell, seconded by Doug Johnson. Approved.

Open Forum

Mr. Budzynski spoke on the Rush City Sno-Bugs snowmobile club upcoming project.  It will be a recreational storage facility, meeting building, on agriculture zoned land.  They are working on the land purchase currently.  They will be working with the county for a CUP for the building.

Mr. Budzynski also questioned if his road, 507th/509th (a private road) which is considered a no-maintenance road, which recently had fire numbers installed would change plowing potential in the future.  The answer was no, we received the fire numbers at no charge, this did not change the classification of this road.

Road Maintenance Report

  • Muddy Gap Hollow has been brushing
  • New road signs have been ordered and installed

Committee Reports

  1. Road Committee
  • Faded street signs have been replaced.
  • Questioned if we should continue brush cutting, the consensus was yes, it is recommended.
  • Grading will start as well.
  1. Budget Committee
  • Nothing to report.
  1. Contract Committee
  • A formal acknowledgement was made that the 2023-2024 Muddy Gap Hollow extension 2% adjustment also applied to the snowplowing guarantee.
  • We will be reviewing the Muddy Gap Hollow extension for 2024-2025 in April.
  1. Policy Committee
  • Nothing to report.
  1. Clerk’s Township Update
  • The Clerk presented monthly report of the township happenings.
  • The Presidential Nominating Primary election went well.
  • We have had a few donation requests, and confirmed that our policy does not allow for donations.

Old Business

  1. None

New Business

  1. Set the 2024 Road Tour Date: Date set for Wednesday, April 3rd at 9:00 a.m.  John, Stan, Michelle and Doug will attend.  We will post on the townhall door.
    Motion that the annual road tour be held on April 3rd, starting at 9:00 am, meet at the townhall by Branden Mell, seconded by Michelle Meis.  Approved.
  1. Approve 2025 Levy: Motion to approve the 2025 levy in the amount of $886,500.00 that was approved at the Annual meeting by Branden Mell, seconded by Stan Iskierka.
  1. Approve 2025 Budget: Motion to approve the 2025 budget in the amount of $948,310.00 was approved at the Annual Meeting by Branden Mell, seconded by Stan Iskierka
  1. Approve the Supervisor’s Report: Motion to approve the Supervisors report that was approved at the Annual Meeting by Branden Mell, seconded by Stan Iskierka. Approved.
  1. County Park Funds Discussion: Michelle Meis shared that Nessel Township has a balance of $30,000 in the County Parks dedicated park funds.  The township gets 75% of the allocated funds collected in permit park fees.  These funds can be used for land acquisition or park related expenses.
  1. Water Softener Discussion: We were notified by Culligan that they are discontinuing service to Nessel Township in 30 days.  We have received an estimate from Drip Drop Plumbing.  We will obtain another bid and readdress in April.
  1. 2024-2025 Road Salt Order: Stan has requested that we bid for 50 tons of treated salt for the 2024-2025 season.   Heather Sward will put in our bid/order by the March 29th deadline.
  1. 2024 Lawn Mowing: We received notice that our rate from L&L Lawn Mowing will stay at $70.00/mow for the 2024 season pricing.   Heather Sward requested that we also inquire if they would do a spring clean up of the landscaping in front of the townhall, all were in favor.   
  1. 2024 LBAE meeting: Wednesday, April 24, 2024 at 9:00 a.m.  All five board members are certified.
  1. Other – Open Treasurer Position Update: We have had one candidate apply for the Treasurer position.  It will be published in this week’s paper was well.
  1. Other – Dust Control: We will address in April.
  1. Other – Chip Sealing: Stan will advise on this in April.

Motion to adjourn by Branden Mell, seconded by Doug Johnson at 8:22. Approved.