Minutes: July 13, 2021 Regular Board Meeting

Presented for approval at the August 10, 2021 Board Meeting


The meeting was called to order at 7:00 pm by Michelle Meis and the Pledge of Allegiance was recited.  Supervisor’s present includes Stan Iskierka, Branden Mell and John Paitl.  Deputy Treasurer Mary Winter was also present.  Absent from meeting were Supervisor Betsy Rising and Clerk/Treasurer Mary Dillner



Motion to approve the agenda by Paitl, seconded by Iskierka with corrections under Minutes changing the word May to June and under Road Committee the street name from Acacia Way to Acacia Lane.  Approved.


Motion to approve the minutes by Mell, seconded by Iskierka.  Approved.

Treasurer’s Report

Motion to approve the Treasurer’s Report by Paitl seconded, by Mell.  Approved.


Motion to approve paying bills by Iskierka seconded, by Paitl.  Approved. 

Open Forum

Dale Becklin of Dale Becklin Trucking spoke on Behalf of Lonny Ecklund.  It was determined the discussion was under old business.  It was moved to open forum to discuss at this time.  

Motion to approve open cut by Dale Becklin Trucking to fix Lonny Ecklund’s drain tile across Basswood by Mell, seconded by Iskierka with the requirements from the board as follows:

  • 1 week notice prior to starting given to the road committee.
  • Acceptable traffic control as defined by MNDOT.
  • Sand for pipe bed and sand fill compacted in 1 foot lifts.
  • 12 inches of gravel on surface.
  • Township representative is present and approves completion of project.

Maintenance Contract

Contract for maintenance by Muddy Gap Hallow – signed by Chairman Meis

Road Maintenance Report

  • Completed graveling on 505th, Arbor and 540th.  
  • Provided ditch mowing.  
  • May need additional front fill on Acorn and 522nd.
  • Septic tank variance from last month was put on hold and Platt variance still needs to go to county meeting for approval.

Committee Reports

  1. Road Committee – Only a few complaints on roads about dust control.  Testing on gravel was 9% and 11% on Clover Trail.  Approval was given to Muddy Gap Hallow to grade as many roads as possible if we receive sufficient rain. 
  2. Budget Committee – No update at this time.
  3. Contract Committee – Chairman Meis sign at today’s meeting contract for Muddy Gap Hallow.
  4. Policy Committee – Updated policy was distributed to all board members at meeting.

Old Business

  1. Resolution – Reduce Speed Limit to 35 mph on Acacia Lane.  Motion to approve the reduced speed limit by Mell, seconded by Iskierka.  Approved.
  2. Read through and discussed the updated Clerk job description. Resolution – Accept the updated Clerk job description as presented.  Motion to approve the Clerk job description by Mell, seconded by Iskierka.  Approved.
  3. Discussed Clerk and Treasurer salary, hourly wage and meeting wage being out of line with other townships.  Reviewed Fish Lake Township wages and salaries.  Resolution – Establish updated Clerk and Treasurer salary, hourly wage and meeting wage.  Motion to approve updated Clerk and Treasurer salary, hourly wage, meeting wage as stated below by Mell, seconded by Iskierka.  Approved.
  • Clerk salary – $960.00/month.
  • Treasurer salary $700.00/month.
  • Hourly wage for Board members and employees $30.00/hr.
  • Meeting wage for Board members and employees $75.00/meeting.

Discussed if Clerk position should be advertised to the public.  It was determined by the board that they would not advertise the position.  The board is happy to have Mary Dillner as Treasurer and Mary Winter as Clerk.  No official vote at this time.  Motion to make this official will be done in August or September.  

New Business

  1. Clean up day – Scratch at this time.
  2. Resolution – Apply for ARPA funds.  Motion to apply for ARPA funds by Mell, seconded by Paitl.  Approved.
  3. Resolution – Add Mary Winter as a check signer at Minnco Credit Union on accounts. Motion to add Mary Winter as check signer by Mell, seconded by Paitl.  Approved.
  4. Resolution – To purchase CTAS up to $500.00.  Motion to purchase CTAS by Paitl, seconded by Iskierka.  Approved

Motion to adjourn by Paitl seconded by Iskierka at 8:58 pm.   Approved.