MINUTES:   8 August Regular Board meeting

Presented for approval at SEPTEMBER 12 Board Meeting


August meeting was called to order at 7:00pm by John Sutcliffe with the Pledge of Allegiance.  Supervisors present include, Michelle Meis, John Sutcliffe, Betsy Rising and Tom McKenzie.   Also present was Clerk, Stan Iskierka and Treasurer, Mary Dillner. Not present Branden Mell  

 Agenda (Additions or Changes) 

Motion by Rising seconded by Meis to approve Agenda. Approved.

Approve Minutes  


Motion by Rising seconded by Meis to approve July Minutes with correction of spelling of Michelle name under Bills.  Approved.

Treasurer’s Report

Motion by Meis seconded by McKenzie to approve Treasurer’s Report. Approved.


Motion by, Meis seconded by McKenzie to approve paying bills. Approved.

Alpine Ave. North Subordinate Service District

  • Tri City Paving – Is the contractor who will be doing the Alpine Ave. paving project and has submitted a request form for an extension of time to complete the project. Their plan was to pave Alpine Ave at the same time that they are paving some roads in Kanabec County and they will set up a portable asphalt plant near the Kanabec project. There has been so much rain that the road in Kanabec County that needs to be paved is too wet and soft, therefore they cannot set up the asphalt plant until sometime later this month. Kanabec County Engineer confirmed that they indeed spoke with Tri City about delaying their paving project. The original completion date was August 18, 2017 and the final completion date September 1, 2017. The extension would move the completion to September 15, 2017 and the final completion date to September 30, 2017. The contractor did say if the Board gives an extension that Tri City will complete some minor skin patching on Blue Heron Trail. There was a lot of discussion whether to extend the project as some of the residents of Alpine Ave did not want it extended. Some of the residents felt that if the Board extended the paving project that they should be compensated for the delay. Greg Anderson, the Engineer of SEH, thought it was appropriate to extend the completion date. There were two motions regarding the extension of Alpine Ave. paving.

Motion by McKenzie seconded by Rising to extend the completion time from September 1, 2017 to September 30, 2017. All Board Members approved the extension. 

Motion by Meis to compensate the residents of Alpine Ave North for minor repairs in the first 10 years on the new pavement failed because there was no second. 


Belle Isle Overlay

  • Greg Anderson of SEH discussed the three bids the Township received for the overlay project on the old portion of Belle Isle Drive. It was a two part bid; schedule 1 was for 2017, and schedule 2 was for 2018.
  1. Knife River    schedule 1 – $84,900.24      schedule 2 – $88,512.25
  2. Hardrives       schedule 1 – $101,458.72    schedule 2 – $109,308.18
  3. Tri- City         schedule 1 – $111,188.25     schedule 2 – $114,198.25
  • The low bid for schedule 1 was for $84,900.24 was submitted by Knife River. Anderson recommended that Knife River would be capable of preforming the overlay project. Board discussed whether to do it this year or wait until next year and because of the low cost the Board thought we should overlay the road this year. If the Board decides to do the project, Anderson will send a contract to be signed by Knife River to proceed with the overlay of Belle Isle Dr. 

Motion by McKenzie second by Rising to accept Knife River Corps bid of $84,900.24 to overlay the old portion of Belle Isle Dr. Approved by all Board Members.

Motion by Rising second by McKenzie to approve Schedule 1 to be done in 2017 for $84,900.24. Approved by all Board Members.

Maintenance report

  • Graded various roads
  • This is the last meeting with Preferred Paving as the Nessel Road Maintenance Contractor. Board thanks Preferred Paving for their service.
  • Muddy Gap Hollow Inc. will be the new Road Maintenance Contractor
  • Graveling the remaining roads will start next week


  • Jerry Oliver – Requesting a variance to building a new pole barn without residence at 50860 Bayview Ave.

Motion by Rising second by McKenzie to approve building pole barn. Approved.

Policy Committee

  • Policy Change 3.4 and 3.5Mell changed the wording of Policy 3.4 and 3.5 and would like the approval of the wording change.

Motion by Meis second by Rising to approve word changes in Policy 3.4 and 3.5. Approved.

Old Business

  • Rush City Fire Dept.Rising and McKenzie met with the Rush City Fire Dept. and the Braham Fire Dept. to discuss how Nessel Township can lower their Fire Contract costs. Braham’s Fire Contract uses the valuation of the Township and using a percent of the Township valuation to get the cost to charge Nessel for fire protection. The fire protection line that separates the two fire companies was set many years ago. Should the lines be moved for better fire protection and could this change the cost to Nessel?  The Board Members agreed that Iskierka will check into the valuation of Nessel Township at the County level and see if any changes with the fire line could be adjusted. 


  • Cartway – There is a gate across a Cartway road that the Township Attorney said, by law, there should not be a gate across a cartway roads and that it is open to anyone that wants to use it. Rising will write a letter to the owners of the gate and inform him to remove it and if he does not remove the gate, the Township will.
  • Web Site – Rising will work on the web site.
  • Clean up day – August 26, 2017, Rush Lake Association and Evergreen have been notified. 
  • Joint Powers – Need a replacement for Sutcliffe to attend the Joint Power meeting each year with Fish Lake Township. This meeting pertains to the road upkeep of Blue Heron Rd. and Meis will be the representative for Nessel Township. 
  • New Board Member – Motion by Rising seconded by Meis to accept the resignation of John Sutcliffe from the Nessel Township Board. Approved. 
  • John Paitl New board member John Paitl took the official Oath of Office. Clerk of Nessel Township acknowledged the Oath of Office


  • The Board would like to keep John Sutcliffe as the consultant on the Alpine Ave paving project, since he has been working with the engineer and he is knowable about the project.

Motion by Rising seconded by Meis to have John Sutcliffe as the Alpine Ave project Consultant. Approved 

Motion by McKenzie seconded by Meis to adjourn at 8:30 pm. Approved.