MINUTES:   12 September Regular Board meeting

Presented for approval at October 10 Board Meeting


September meeting was called to order at 7:00pm by Michelle Meis with the Pledge of Allegiance.  Supervisors present include, Branden Mell, John Paitl, Betsy Rising and Tom McKenzie.   Also present was Clerk, Stan Iskierka and Treasurer, Mary Dillner. 

Agenda (Additions or Changes) 

Motion by McKenzie seconded by Rising to approve Agenda with addition of Deputy Clerk to Old Business and pre-buy propane to New Business. Carried. 

Approve Minutes  


Motion by Rising seconded by Mell to approve August Minutes.  Carried.


Treasurer’s Report

Motion by Rising seconded by McKenzie to approve Treasurer’s Report. Carried. 


Motion by Mell seconded by McKenzie to approve paying bills. Carried. 

  • Dillner presented the two year cost of graveling and grading for Basswood and Clover Trail / 500th St from 2015 to August of 2017.
  • Mell would like the distance of Basswood Road and Clover Trail/500th St. 

Alpine Service District

  • Ground work is complete and Tri City will do layers of asphalt. Sutcliffe, Iskierka and SEH Engineer discussed how the cul-da- sac and the end of the road should be paved. 
  • McKenzie stated that the Autumn Court and Anchor Ave intersection needed repair and that Tri City Paving owes the Township a small job because we extended the deadline to finish the paving project on Alpine Ave. The Board thought it was a good idea.

Motion by McKenzie seconded by Rising to have Tri City repair the intersection of Autumn Court and Anchor Ave.  Approved.

Belle Isle Overlay

  • Iskierka asked the Township attorney to check the contract and bond document with Knife River Corporation to overlay the old portion of Belle Isle and that everything is ok as the Board needs to approve the contract.

Motion by Rising seconded by McKenzie to approve the contract with Knife River Corporation for the overlaying of the old portion of Belle Isle Drive.  Approved.

Maintenance Report

  • Graded various roads
  • Installed street signs, replaced signs
  • Installed culvert and slope shoulder and graveled county line road
  • Checked Alpine road construction 
  • Removed appliances from Township ditches and brought the appliance to Evergreen Recycling 
  • Placed a culvert marker on Bayview where the home owner cleaned the creek and now there is a slight drop off at the road.
  • Sutcliffe said the mowing would be done the last week of September or the first of October.
  • Mell requested a separate sheet with the hourly and date that the grading of the roads was completed. If there is a road project it should be broken down by the hourly equipment rate.
  • Mell would like to have the roller packer pack the roads during the last time the roads are graded before winter. 


  • Bradley Larson – Requesting approval to build new garage as it will be closer than the minimum distance from the county road.

Motion by McKenzie seconded by Rising to approve the building the new garage. Approved. 

  • Kenneth Ryberg – Requesting approval for an addition to home as it is closer to the lake than required. Addition will not get any closer to the lake then what the cabin is now.

Motion by Rising second by Mell to approve addition. Approved.

  • Michael ThayerRequesting approval to build a roof over his septic system. He stated that the county has ok the project. After a lot of questions the Board thought that the county should really check this variance out.

Motion by Mell second by Rising to approve a barn style roof over his septic system. Approved.


Conditional Use Permit

  • Branden Mell Campground – Mell removed himself from any Board Member decisions. Mell stated that he would like to construct a 30 unit seasonal campground which would be next door to Flickabirds campground. He noted that he will be using the entrance of Flickabirds campground for his campground entrance. There was a discussion about Dust Control as one of the conditions that should be addressed, because of the added traffic. Iskierka brought up that Dust Control from Bayview Ave to the entrance of Branden Mell driveway, which is 5487 ft., would cost $2814 according to this year’s cost. The cost seemed high to Mell by comparison to the amount of units that Flickabirds campground has and that it did not seem fair.  After more discussion, the Board decided that Branden Mell would contribute proportionately to Dust Control as stipulated by the Nessel Township Board. 

Motion by McKenzie seconded by Rising to approve Condition Use Permit with the condition that Mell will contribute proportionately to Dust Control as stipulated by the Nessel Township Board. Approved 

Open Forum

  • Resident from Belle Isle said that there are four areas that need to be repaired on Belle Isle Dr and he thinks that the Township or contractor needs to repair and pay for it and not the Subordinate Service District. He also thinks there is left over money from the construction of the road.
  • Rising and SEH Engineer to meet at Belle Isle Dr.  The engineer will let us know if it is under warranty, if not it would be the expense of the Subordinate Service District.  

Road Committee

  • McKenzie spoke about a new resident on Bayview Ave. that altered the landscape of the creek that flows into Rush Lake. Resident said he had talked to the DNR about what he was doing. The resident was working on the shoreline and the creek without a permit even though the County informed him that he needed a permit to do this kind of work. Township needs to place a barrier by the road at the culvert location. 
  • Rising talked about a new resident who is blocking our culvert on Acacia Way. She sent him a letter to inform him that he cannot block the culvert. Resident opened the culvert and the water is now flowing through the culvert.


Budget Committee

  • Meis is Board Chairman therefore someone else on the Board will have to take over the Budget Chairman position.

Motion by Rising seconded by McKenize that John Paitl will be Budget Chairman. Approved. 

 Old Business

  • Braham Fire Dept. – Iskierka explained how the Braham Fire Dept. charges Nessel Township, stating that it is on the valuation of the property that Braham protects for fires. The Board feels that if Braham lowers their valuation that our cost will go down. The south part of the Township will be protected by Rush City because the response time would be shorter. Rising, McKenzie and Iskierka will meet with the Braham person to explain what Nessel Township wants in fire protection.
  • Cartway Road – A letter was sent to the person who had an illegal gate on the road. The person understands the problem and has removed the gate allowing the Cartway road to be open to the public.
  • Advertise for Deputy Clerk Mell will place an ad for Deputy Clerk to help the clerk with administrative duties.

New Business

  • Pre-Buy Propane – Iskierka needs approval to pre- buy Propane at $1.249 a gallon. 

Motion by Mell seconded by Rising to purchase 2100 gallons of Propane at cost of $2331.27. Approved. 

Motion by Rising seconded by McKenzie to adjourn at 10:01 pm. Carried.