Minutes: September 12, 2023. Regular Board Meeting
Presented for approval at the October 10, 2023, Board Meeting

The meeting was called to order at 7:00 pm by Chair Michelle Meis, the Pledge of Allegiance was recited.  Supervisors present included Stan Iskierka, Branden Mell, Doug Johnson and Betsy Rising via skype. Clerk Heather Sward, and Treasurer Mary Dillner were also present.


Motion to approve the agenda by Betsy Rising, seconded by Doug Johnson.  Approved.

Board Meeting Minutes

Motion to approve the minutes by Betsy Rising, seconded by Doug Johnson.  Approved.

Treasurer’s Report

Motion to approve the Treasurer’s Report by Betsy Rising. seconded by Branden Mell.  Approved.


Motion to approve paying presented bills by Branden Mell. seconded by Betsy Rising.  Approved.

Variance/Plat Requests

  1. Shawn & Julie Kane – 51599 Belle Isle Drive

Motion to approve the requested variance by Branden Mell, seconded by Betsy Rising.

  1. Mackenzie & Megan Johnson – 4840 Rush Lake Rd

Motion to approve the variance request by Branden Mell, seconded by Doug Johnson.

  1. Vincent Charles presented Zachary Meadows plat for township approval.

A motion was not needed.  Chair, Michelle Meis and Clerk, Heather Sward signed the plat.

Open Forum

  • None at this meeting.

Road Maintenance Report

  • Muddy Gap Hollow has started mowing and has been grading roads after the rain.
  • The remainder of the gravel inventory has been spread.
  • John met with the CenturyLink Internet installer.  They are going to fix the culvert and bury the line deeper.

Motion to purchase 1000 cubic yards of gravel was made by Branden Mell, seconded by Betsy Rising.   Approved.

Committee Reports

  1. Road Committee
  • None at this meeting.
  • Thank you to John Sutcliff/Muddy Gap Hollow for the help during the townhall remodel.
  1. Budget Committee
  • None at this meeting.
  1. Contract Committee
  • The City of Braham sent the proposed Braham Fire Service Contract.  Branden Mell has reviewed the contract and will attend the informational meeting the City of Braham is hosting on September 13th.   Branden will review the contract and we will review at the October meeting.
  1. Policy Committee
  • Snowplowing Agreement for Nessel Township Private Road Residents (Other Than Shorewood Park) from 2004 was discussed.  Bayview North plowing options were discussed.  1) Plowing with a pre-determined deposit to be made at the beginning of the plowing season for plowing billed by actual time, with the balance to be made following the winter season.  2) Plowing will be done for a set, flat fee.   Muddy Gap Hollow will itemize time spent on private roads on monthly billing.  Michelle proposed that we collect $500 as an up front, flat rate.  We will keep track time spent on Bayview North for future discussion. We will revisit this in October.
  1. Clerk’s Township Update
  • The Clerk presented monthly report of the township happenings.
  • We received notice of a 2024 rate increase from Couri & Ruppe, P.L.L.P.  Effective January 1, 2024 the hourly rate will be $265.00 for all general legal work and $290.00 per hour for all development work.

Old Business

  1. Amble Avenue Surveying Contract: Widseth and identified and staked the road right-of-way.  The Road Committee and John Sutcliff will meet onsite to review road expansion.
  1. Townhall Project Update: The painting and flooring is complete.   The clerk will have the water softener hooked back up.  The refrigerator is not working after moving it back into the townhall. 
    Motion that the clerk follow up on the CenterPoint insurance policy to determine if the fridge is covered.  If it is not to order a replacement by Branden Mell, seconded by Michelle Meis.  Approved.
    Tables have been ordered/delivered.   


  1. Shorewood Park Sanitary District (SPSD) Snow Plowing contract: The revised contract was reviewed and alternative options were discussed.   

Motion to approve the draft contract between Nessel Township and Shorewood Park Sanitary District as presented by Branden Mell, seconded by Stan Iskierka.  In favor thereof: Iskierka, Mell, Johnson, Rising.  Opposed: Meis.   Approved.
Branden Mell will prepare an administrative modification to the Muddy Gap Hollow Road   
Maintenance Contract describing the requirement for itemizing the SPSD hours and to note that the total hours for Township plowing does not apply to SPSD hours to review at the October meeting.

  1. CCATO Meeting Update: Doug Johnson attended the district meeting.     Michelle Meis presented on the Consortium Conference/Workshop that she will be attending on September 13th.   They are discussing cooping with local entities to enhance buying power and the possibility of sharing equipment.  They will be discussing salt buying.

New Business

  1. South Bay CUP: The concern of the new VBRO use in South Bay that is not within their CUP was discussed.  The township feels that this is a change in use and there should be a modification to the CUP.    We have reached out to the County and have been advised that staff does not agree.  Branden Mell will reach out to our Commissioner, Dan Dahlberg for help with this matter.
  1. 2023-2024 Propane Prebuy: Currently our tank is at 55%. Motion to purchase 2500 gallons of pre-buy propane from Pioneer Propane Gas at $1.749 per gallon by Betsy Rising, seconded by Stan Iskierka.  Approved.
  1. LRIP Funding: Branden Mell presented on the Minnesota Department of Transportation’s 2023 Local Road Improvement Program (LRIP) that will provide funding assistance of construction, reconstruction, or reconditioning projects for counties, state aid cities, non-state aid cities, townships, and federally recognized Indian Tribes.   The 2021 resolution #02-2021 was reviewed.  Branden has confirmed that Joe Triplett, Chisago County Highway Engineer will sponsor our application for the 2023 application.   Branden Mell will prepare the 2023 LRIP application for the pavement of Clover Trail.  Discussion was had regarding the cost

sharing with the residents of Clover Trail.  It was determined that if we are awarded the grant, we would then involve the residents and determine the payment of fees that are not covered by the grant.

  1. Vehicle Lettering: Tabled for October.

Motion to adjourn by Betsy Rising, seconded by Stan Iskierka at 9:32. Approved.