MINUTES:   9 January Regular Board meeting

Presented for approval at February 13, 2018 Board Meeting


January meeting was called to order at 7:00 pm by Michelle Meis with the Pledge of Allegiance.  Supervisors present include, John Paitl, Betsy Rising and Tom McKenzie.   Also present was Clerk, Stan Iskierka and Treasurer, Mary Dillner. Not present was Branden Mell. 

Agenda (Additions or Changes) 


Motion by Rising seconded by Paitl to approve Agenda.  Approved. 

Approve Minutes 

Motion by McKenzie second by Rising to approve January minutes. Approved.


Treasurer’s Report

Motion by Paitl seconded by McKenzie to approve Treasurer’s Report. Approved. 


Motion by McKenzie seconded by Rising to approve paying bills. Approved.

Certificates of Deposits  

  • Dillner stated that after two years the Market Linked Certificates of Deposits would mature at about $16,000 each.  There are six DC’s, but only one will mature each year. 

Maintenance Report

  • Snowplowed or salted roads
  • Board discussed the use of salt on the paved roads; should it be straight salt or a mixture of sand and salt?  Township buys the enhanced salt as it activates faster in colder weather than the white salt. If it gets below freezing, the salt does not activate, therefore we should have sand added. Board decided to have the 50/50 mixture of salt and sand. 



  • Michael Ricci – Needs a variance as the addition to his home will be closer to the lake than what is required.

Motion by McKenzie to approve the addition that will be closer to the lake seconded by Paitl. Approved.  

  • Les Hanke – Claims that a fire destroyed the Hanke home therefore the new home will not have the legal setback from the road.


Motion by Rising to approve the construction of the new home with less setback that is required seconded by Paitl. Approved.

Budget committee

  • Board discussed the change in the 2019 budget that was presented at the December Board meeting. $3000 was added for a Deputy Clerk position in the General Fund under Board Comp. with a new Budget of $500,882. During the February meeting, the Board will approve the 2019 Budget for the Annual Meeting.

Policy Committee

  • Mell reorganized the Policy Book and the Board planned to discuss any changes but Mell was not at the meeting, therefore it will be discussed next month.
  • McKenzie said that there should be a written policy stating that the chairperson can recess the meeting if it is getting out of control due to loud conversation by the audience or angry disagreements. 

Old Business

  • Deputy Clerk – There were a few calls regarding the Deputy Clerk position and some are out of the Township area which would be a long distance to travel for a part time job. Iskierka will set up a time to interview two people on Thursday at 6:00 pm.
  • Rush City & Braham City Fire Dept. – Braham City approved the change of the new fire boundary lines. 
  • Park Shelter – McKenzie discussed the cost of the park shelter and that the estimated cost would be about $30,000, which will include concrete work, tables, labor and electric. There may be more donations from the Snow Bugs and the Lake Association and McKenzie  would like the Township to donate some money, if needed. When he files the application for the Park Fund from the County, they expect that the Township would help with the cost of building the shelter.      

Motion by McKenzie that the Township will spend up to $10,000 dollars to help pay for the Park Shelter, if needed, second by Rising. Approved.

New Business

  • Shared Road – Royalton Township sent a Shared Road Agreement between Royalton and Nessel Township that concerns joint maintenance of 540th St.  Nessel already has a written contract with Royalton with the same statement but Royalton followed the Minnesota Association of Townships Model Road Agreement.  Board said our statement is ok but if Royalton needs to have this new statement we would do it. Iskierka will check to see if Royalton Township has the old written contract.
  • Annual MeetingThe 2018 Annual meeting will be held on March 13, 2018 and the regular Town Meeting will be held on Wednesday March 14, 2017.
  • Broadband – Century link is the only provider in this area that will provide high-speed internet. Century link would have to install underground cable through the Township at a high cost. After the installation of the cable, each individual will have to order high-speed internet and there will be an additional charge. Century link will not be placing cable in the year 2018 and 2019 because of the backlog of laying cable. Representative of Minnesota’s Broadband Department stated that there are no grants in the system to help the communities pay for the installing of high-speed equipment. 
  • Belle Isle SSD – Iskierka passed out a cost sheet for installing the paved road and the bid cost of Belle Isle Dr. The actual cost to install the paved road was less than the bid cost, therefore the unused money could be used to repair damaged areas when needed.
  • Board of Appeal – Reminder to the Board that the Board of Appeal should be held in the middle of April. Training is available on line for the Board of Appeal training.
  • Clerk Training – Iskierka has Clerk training on January 25, 2018 at a cost of $30.00.      

Motion by Rising seconded by Paitl to Adjourn at 8:55 pm.   Approved.