Minutes: October 9, 2018 Regular Board Meeting

Presented for approval at the November 13, 2018 Board Meeting


October meeting was called to order at 7:00 pm by Michelle Meis with the Pledge of Allegiance.  Supervisors present included, John Paitl, Betsy Rising, Tom McKenzie, and Branden Mell. Also, present was Clerk, Stan Iskierka, Treasurer, Mary Dillner and Deputy Clerk Kelli Storck.

Agenda (Additions or Changes)

Motion by Paitl seconded by Rising to approve Agenda.  Approved.

Approve Minutes

Motion by McKenzie seconded by Mell to approve September Minutes. Approved.


Treasurer’s Report

Motion by Rising seconded by Paitl to approve Treasurer’s Report. Approved.


Motion by Rising seconded by McKenzie to approve paying bills.  Approved.


  • Al and Gail Carstensen – Variance to tear down the existing three-season porch on Almond Avenue, and replace it with a four-season living space, closer to the lake than the required setback.

Motion by Mell seconded by Paitl to approve a variance to build a four-season living space closer to the lake than the required setback. Approved.

Maintenance Report

  • Graded roads
  • General road maintenance
  • Removed tires and decking material on Basswood
  • Graveled and graded Township Hall driveway.
  • Picked up post and blue address signs from the County with Iskierka
  • Finished mowing

Road Committee

  • Belle Isle – Jason Pearson from Farhrner Asphalt stopped in at the town hall before the meeting and said the crack sealing in two locations will probably not be done until next spring and said the price that was quoted for sealing this year (2018) will not increase next year.  The price for  514th ST was $792 and Belle Isle Dr. was $3,250.
  • Clover Trail – The resident trimmed the overhanging branches/bushes.
  • Alpine Resident – The punch list has not been completed yet by Tri-City. Mell will follow-up with Greg from SEH to see what the status is.
  • Anchor – Sutcliff installed recycled asphalt in the pot holes at Anchor Ave to smooth the road, may not last, but will keep checking the road.

Policy Committee

  • Policy Manual – There is a discrepancy in the policy manual regarding the additional compensation for the Road Committee Chair. The wages are listed in the policy as the Road Committee Chair should receive an additional $100 per month, and that the other Supervisor serving shall receive an additional $50 per month. Both Chairs are currently receiving an additional $50 per month. The policy will remain the way it is written for now, and will be re-addressed after the Committees have been re-set in January 2019. In the meantime, Betsy and Tom will start keeping track of their hours.
  • Mailboxes – Rising suggested that she would like the current policy and also a new resolution to say “If your mailbox is not in compliance, Nessel Township will not be responsible for damages caused by snowplows.” After discussing, it was determined that in the current policy, section 3.7.3 “Personal Properties,” that this covers mailboxes damaged by contractor equipment, so no change is currently needed. But, we will put this information in the Nessel Township’s newsletter along with “What is a compliant mailbox.”

     Old Business

  • Hall/Shelter Rental Agreement – Change all the words that are listed as “Town” to “Township” and also add that the renter has to “extinguish the charcoal/ashes with water.”  Send the Nessel Hall/Shelter Rental Application and Policy to Mell in a word document so that he can add it to the policy manual.

Motion by McKenzie seconded by Rising to approve the Nessel Hall/Shelter Rental Application and Policy with the above listed changes. Approved.

  • Culvert Resolution – Iskierka wrote a Resolution for Driveways/Culverts so that Nessel Township can enforce what is required for driveways/culverts. Also, Nessel Township wants to have something in writing to be consistent on what is required for Driveways/Culverts. Discussion was had regarding Driveways/Culverts for new home construction, existing driveways and field approaches and possibly adding an additional category. The Board also asked, “Why do all Driveway/Culvert permits have to go through Chisago County?” Iskierka explained, with Chisago County involved, it protects Nessel Township by keeping residents in compliance with what is required because Chisago County collects a $1000 deposit from the resident at the time that the resident applies for a permit. Once the project is complete, and has been approved by Nessel Township, the resident will get $900 back from their deposit if the driveway/culvert is compliant. Chisago County keeps $50 and Nessel Township receives $50 of the permit fee. Mell asked if he could take the opportunity to draft a proposal with some suggested edits to clarify the language and to recommend additions to the Resolution that was written by Iskierka. Mell will email his proposal to the Board for review and will bring it to the November meeting for approval.
  • Park Shelter – The park shelter is complete. A coal bin was made to collect dropped charcoal/ashes. A sign is currently being made that will state the rules for the shelter.
  • Bayview Avenue Driveway – Renter that rents a parcel of land purchased a culvert to install at the field entrance and will install the culvert when the area dries. 
  • Blue Signs – The post and signs have been picked up. Sutcliff will be meeting with the Locator on Friday morning. They will start locating and installing on Belle Isle. The address signs need to be organized and sorted to verify addresses and for installing.

New Business

  • Civil Defense Warning Sirens – Ready Watt Electric will provide preventive maintenance and inspection services for a 4-year contract commencing on January 1, 2019 and terminating December 31, 2022. The annual price is $2,364 for maintenance, with additional cost for radio repairs.

Motion by McKenzie seconded by Rising to approve paying Ready Watt Electric for a 4-year contract to maintain and inspect Nessel Township’s warning sirens.  Approved.

  • Pre-buy Propane – Prior approval was made to pre-buy propane for Nessel Township hall and garage for one year for a total of $2,685.59. Sixty-percent of this cost is for the hall and forty-percent is for the garage. The garage needs to be heated because there is water that runs to the garage.
  • Harris – Received invoice from City of Harris. There seems to be a discrepancy in the amount due. It is possible the Knife River made an error in their billing. Iskierka sent an email to the clerk at the City of Harris and has not heard back yet. Also, we have a maintenance contract with the City of Harris, that if there is a cost that is over $1,000, unless an emergency occurs, both parties must approve the purchase. Nessel Township was not contacted for this approval. Nessel Township will wait for a response before this invoice is paid.

Motion by Rising seconded by Mell to adjourn at 8:50 pm.   Approved.