Minutes: October 11, 2022 Regular Board Meeting

Presented for approval at the November 9, 2022 Board Meeting

The meeting was called to order at 7:00 pm by Chair Michelle Meis, the Pledge of Allegiance was recited.  Supervisor’s present includes Stan Iskierka, Branden Mell and Betsy Rising.  Treasurer Mary Dillner and Clerk Mary Winter were also present.



Motion to approve the agenda by Branden Mell, seconded by Stan Iskierka.  Approved.

  • Added to New Business  
    • US Solar
    • Chisago County Transportation Plan
  • Added to Old Business  
    • CenturyLink Contract


Motion to approve the minutes by Branden Mell, seconded by Stan Iskierka.  Approved.

Treasurer’s Report

Motion to approve the Treasurer’s Report by Branden Mell, seconded by Betsy Rising.  Approved.


Motion to approve paying bills by Betsy Rising, seconded by Branden Mell.  Approved.

Open Forum

Nothing at this meeting.

Road Maintenance Report

  • Tidy up on a few roads.
  • Rain is coming, will do additional clean up on roads.
  • Culverts were moved.
  • Gravel is here.
  • Supervisor Branden mentioned an email he received from a resident on 500th about dust control.  Branden drove by the house on the road both in the morning and in the late afternoon and it is in good condition with very little dust.
  • Supervisor Stan stated the roads are in good condition.  Earlier this year a resident stated that he was going to chloride himself.  Stan stated to wait that the township will be putting chloride on the roads, if he wants to put a second application on later in the year that is his choice.
  • John has graded 500th and Clover Trial.
  • Supervisor Stan stated he has had very little communication on dust control for dust control.

Committee Reports

  1. Road Committee 
    • Nothing at this meeting.
  1. Budget Committee  
    • Budget meeting date set for Friday, December 2, 2022 9:00 a.m.
  1. Contract Committee 
    • Moved Century Link Contract here
      • Our business subsidy agreement is complete with CenturyLink Wi-Fi, they should get paid. 
      • The entity we have been working with has been sold twice.  They are now Lumen.
      • The current Rep working on our account is sending the information to the state on our subsidy agreement.  The state agency that funded the program has to review it and approve it first.
      • When CenturyLink is ready to review with the board, we will review it and go through it together.  
      • There is a section in the business agreement that talks about Shorewood and some of the residents already had cable.
      • In the agreement it states that CenturyLink is to provide free connection to every resident in the township. 
      • At the end CenturyLink must prove to the township how many residents had cable and did not desire to hook up to CenturyLink with the free connection.
    • Braham Fire Department
      • When our contract is due, they will contact us to participate in the draft of the contract.
  1. Policy Committee  
    • Nothing at this meeting.
  1. Clerk’s Township Update – 
    • Clerk present monthly report of township happenings.  
    • Board of Canvas for the township elections was discussed and explained to the board.
    • Board of Canvas meeting is set for Friday, November 11, 2022 10:00 a.m.
    • Question from the board came up about the spelling of names or Bob or Robert.
    • The clerk will reach out to the county for additional direction on write in names and how the tabulate.

Old Business

  1. Review Object Codes
  • Supervisor Branden stated;
    • The budget committee should line up the object codes with CTAS for the budget.
    • Looking at the object codes it is not obvious how thy should be used.
    • The budget committee needs to work through the object codes with the Treasurer and the board needs to agree on how we use them and what they apply.
  • Treasurer Mary D. stated that the formula she currently uses to divide paved and unpaved roads is 32% /68% on the roads.
  1. Salt Shed Accounting
  • The Muddy Gap Hollow dollar amount for the new salt shed has been moved to the ARPA funds account.
  1. Old Salt Shed – insurance dollars
  • The insurance company will pay $16,835.36 towards building a new salt shed.
  • No action at this time.  Will review when the board receives bids to repair the old salt shed.
  1. Center Point Energy vs. MN Energy
  • Currently we have Center Point Energy and it does not cover our air conditioner.  
  • Center Point Energy cost is less than MN Energy.
  • Motion to add the air conditioner in the spring to Center Point Energy by Betsy Rising, seconded by Stan Iskierka.  Approved.
  1. 498th Dwayne Peterson
  • The Board completed additional research this past month on 498th easement road to Dwayne Peterson’s property.
  • The Board determined this is a private road (an easement) and will be treated as all other private roads.
  • Supervisor Branden will write a letter to Dwayne Peterson with the board’s finding.  Chair Michelle will sign the letter. 
  1. CenturyLink Contract
  • Moved to Contract Committee

New Business

  1. Deadline for invoices to be paid (Friday @ 4 or 5)
    • The Board agrees that the deadline for invoices approved for payment at the board meeting must be submitted by our vendors by close of Business (5 p.m.) the Friday before the board meeting.
    • Supervisor Branden will create a service order template with the Nessel Township payment terms to be added to all new contracts.
  1. Resolution 06-2022 Designating Annual Polling Place.
    • Motion to approve Resolution 06-2022 Designating Annual Polling Place by Branden Mell, seconded by Stan Iskierka.  Approved. 
  1. Snow Removal Policy 2022-2023 
    • Motion to approve Snow Removal Policy 2022-2023 by Branden Mell, seconded by Stan Iskierka.  Approved.  
  1. November Board Meeting – Wednesday 11-9-2022 
    • Information only.  
  1. Set Date for Canvassing Board for Township Elections
    • Moved to Clerk’s Update  
  1. Salt Purchase – 75 tons  
    • Motion to approve Salt Purchase – 75 tons by Stan Iskierka, seconded by Branden Mell.  Approved.  
  1. U.S. Solar
    • A lot of townships have adopted policies on limitation for solar farms.  
    • The board discussed the proposed solar farm close to Rush City.
    • Rush City solar farm is not a done deal yet.  
    • Completion would be at least 4 years down the road.
    • Rush City is a state project (Public Utility Commission) and not a county project.
    • Proposed lease payment to land owners is $1,000/acre/year,
  1. Chisago County Transportation Plan
    • Chair Michelle plans to attend this meeting November 16th.
    • Last meeting was done in 2013.
    • The county is looking for input on projects we have concerns about for Nessel Township.
    • Supervisor Branden asked when they will be doing County Road 8.  That would be the time we would have Fish Lake to Blue Heron Trail done at the same time coordinating with the county. 
    • John, Muddy Gap, asked when they will be doing the stretch of County Road 9 going to Harris.


Motion to adjourn by Branden Mell, seconded by Betsy Rising at 8:40 pm.   Approved.