Minutes: December 14, 2021 Regular Board Meeting

Presented for approval at the January 11, 2021 Board Meeting


The meeting was called to order at 7:00 pm by Chair Michelle Meis, the Pledge of Allegiance was recited.  Supervisor’s present includes Stan Iskierka, Branden Mell, John Paitl.  Joining via Skype, Supervisor Betsy Rising.  Treasurer Mary Dillner and Clerk Mary Winter were also present. 



Motion to approve the agenda by Branden Mell, seconded by Stan Iskierka.  Approved.


Motion to approve the minutes by Stan Iskierka, seconded by John Paitl.  Approved.

Treasurer’s Report

Motion to approve the Treasurer’s Report by John Paitl, seconded by Branden Mell.  Approved.


Motion to approve paying bills by John Paitl, seconded by Stan Iskierka.  Approved. 

Preliminary plat/rezoning application

Motion to approve preliminary plat/rezoning application for Doug Johnson Jr. by Branden Mell, seconded by John Paitl.  Approved. 

Open Forum

None at this time.

Road Maintenance Report

  • Have gone from snow plowing to grading and back to snow plowing.  Roads are getting rough again, nothing that can be done at this time.  
  • Dust is not necessarily down.  The busy roads that are gravel could still be dusty.  
  • Snow has prevented doing any kind of brushing.

Road Maintenance Report con’t

  • John wanted to respond to an email received from the township clerk.  The 911 signs have been completed for quite a while now.  John knows he has said this several times.  Only 911 signs that come up will be for new homes as they are built.  Treasurer report going forward will reflect all 911 signs as “signs”.   John asked if there was a problem with the billing he submits and what he should be writing on billing.  A 5-page document with the roads was sent for which told of which roads were graded.  The email stated to reference the invoice provided.  Clerk stated a map was referenced in prior meeting that she could copy for board.  Chair Michelle stated scrap all that, it is not needed.  Mary D. needs to know for CTAS in payables is if work is done on a paved road or a gravel road.   Mary D. spoke with Stan 11.5% of our roads is asphalt.  She will take 11.5% of total amount for CTAS.  Mary has kept all categories in CTAS to match the invoice.  Branden mentioned if there is anything that John is doing to keep track, it wouldn’t hurt to collect that information to staple to the bill.  
  • Stan clarified to send billing to both Clerk and Treasurer.  
  • From a DOT magazine it recommends to do an annual mail box check to make sure everything is in compliance.
  • Reminder that snow plowing is done only paved roads with a snowfall of 1” to 2” and all roads with a 3” snowfall per Nessel township snow plowing policy.  
  • On 507th (1508 507th) the fish house and snowmobile barely allow for the plow to get through.  A letter will be sent to the resident from the clerk to remind the resident to remove items from the right away for the township.   

Committee Reports

  1. Road Committee 
    • A couple residents had called about snow and they were fine with his answer.
    • Confirmed that John Petting moved the stone barriers that were in the right away.
    • County sheriff was going to attend board meeting.  Had something else that prevented him from attending.  He wanted to make sure about the Phouvang’s rental place that “no parking” signs are where renters can see.  Stan confirmed.  We have also sent letters to Mr. Phouvang with our parking ordinance and snow plowing ordinance.  Our snowplowing ordinance is also on our website.  The Sheriff stated they will react to any call made to them of noncompliance.  
  1. Budget Committee  
    • Treasurer presented preliminary 2023 budget to the board.    
    • Budget is in CTAS – All townships are moving to CTAS.
    • Payroll is in CTAS.
    • CTAS is set up by the Minnesota Association of Township to provide what is required by the State Auditors of Minnesota.  
    • We are looking at a modest increase in our budget.
    • Question was asked about black top road projects for 2023.  Budget includes chip sealing $50,000, Blue Heron $80,000 covers ¼ of estimated cost (2025 is when this will be done).  Treasurer will move the money in the account that it is specified for.  

Budget Committee – continued

    • Recommendation for the annual meeting is we ask the county for a valuation of Nessel township.  Nessel levy recommended increase of 2.1% but our tax base keeps going up, so, the levy may go up 2.1% but how much has our tax base gone up.  Numerous new homes have been built.  Is the average on our taxpayers going down because the tax base increased?  Clerk will contact county for information.   
    • Treasurer stayed as close as possible to the accounts currently used in old system when transferring to CTAS.
  1. Contract Committee 
    • No update at this time.
  1. Policy Committee  
    • No update at this time.

Old Business

  1. None at this time.

New Business

  1. Liquor license – Motion to approve the agenda by Branden Mell, seconded by John Paitl.  Approved.  After approval it was noted by Owner of Flickabirds the closing time will be changing from 1am to 2 am.  Chair asked if this would change any vote to approve.  No objections made.
  1. FY 2022 Community Facility Direct Loan and Grant Program – This may be an opportunity for a grant program to use for carpet, upgrades to the facility or a new salt shed.  For now, this will be tabled as we go down the list of Nessel Township needs using the ARP funds or if this is something we could tap into.  
  1. Salt Shed – Fabric is what most State, Counties and Townships are now going to.  Two different companies were presented to the board who build with fabric buildings, Rush-Co and Grey Stone Construction.  Using fabric will have prefab walls 8-foot high.  Giving the support needed at the base for the salt.  Fabric will be warranty for 15 to 20 years.  Average cost to replace would be similar to putting a tin roof on.  Board discussed and reviewed wood vs. steel vs. fabric it was determined to have Rush-Co and Grey Stone construction to provide firm quotes for a fabric salt shed with 8-foot prefab walls.   Muddy Gap will do all site work.  Stan will contact insurance company for an estimated yearly quote of cost to cover a fabric shed.  
  1. Blink Security System – Blink 5 camera system has been purchased with a cost of $236.21.  John from Muddy Gap Hollow will help to install after programed by Clerk.  Chair and Clerk will have access to videos through Blink App.  A USB drive will be purchased after the 30-day trial expires for cloud storage.  
  1. 2023 preliminary budget – See Budget Committee.
  1. ARP funds – Township needs – Excess ARP funds from the Townships who did not apply for funds were distributed to Townships who did apply for the funds giving us an additional $3,000.  Priorities are a, b, c and d. Supervisor Stan will seek quotes for a., Clerk will seek out quotes for b., c. and d.
    1. Salt shed 
    2. New flooring throughout town hall (vinyl plank, commercial tile and pour stuff????) 
    3. Furnace / Air Exchange / Air Conditioner
    4. Painting inside townhall walls.  (Electric registers will stay)
    5. Lockable storage closet or cabinets in townhall
    6. Repair old salt shed
    7. Garage roof replace west side
    8. Street signs upgrades for roads

Motion to adjourn by John Paitl, seconded by Stan Iskierka at 8:48 pm.   Approved.