Minutes: 14 March Regular Board Meeting

Presented for approval at April 10, 2018 Board Meeting  


March meeting was called to order at 7:00 pm by Michelle Meis with the Pledge of Allegiance.  Supervisors present include, John Paitl, Branden Mell, and Tom McKenzie.   Also present was Clerk, Stan Iskierka and Treasurer Mary Diller. Not present was Betsy Rising. 

Agenda (Additions or Changes) 


Motion by McKenzie seconded by Mell to approve Agenda.  Approved. 

Approve Minutes 

Motion by McKenzie second by Mell to approve January minutes. Approved.


Treasurer’s Report

Motion by Mell seconded by Paitl to approve Treasurer’s Report. Approved. 


Motion by Paitl seconded by Mell to approve paying bills.  Approved.

Maintenance Report

  • Snowplowed and salted roads

Motion by McKenzie second by Mell to accept the Maintenance report. Approved.


  • Kurt Erickson – Would like a height variance for his new two story building and square footage variance. The larger building will exceed the maximum square footage on a parcel.

Motion by Mell second by Paitl to approve the variance but he has to place a silt fence during construction. Approved. 

Open Forum

  • Sean Vessel bought two cabins on Acacia Way Road and he would like to install two new wells on the properties. He would like to have the wells 30 feet from the road, which means that the wells would be in the road right-of-way. Board discussed the location of wells and decided that they cannot be on road right-of-way. 
  • Verizon cellular is now operational on Nessel Township tower. The Township has received it’s first payment of $4510.00. 

    Road Committee

  • Gravel Bid – Iskierka would like the Boards approval to place a bid in paper for 7000 yds. of gravel. After some discussion about the clay content in the gravel the Board decided that the clay content would be the same as last year.

Motion by McKenzie second by Mell to approve the bidding of 7000 yards of gravel. Approved. 

  • Mell suggested trimming trees in the road right-of- way on Clover Trail and someone suggested that Basswood road might need some trees trimmed also. When the Road Committee does the road tour, the trees will be checked regarding the need for tree trimming. Also, if the trees are on private property, the landowner needs to be notified. 

Policy Committee

  • Mell would like to have a meeting someday to work on the Policy Book. He will suggest a couple of days and see if the other Board Members will be available to discuss these items:
  1. Mell would like to add a policy that all new homes require a swing arm mailbox stand. 
  2. All new subordinate districts will have to install swing arm mailbox stands 
  3. All residents’ homes will have to have the blue address signs for their homes.


Old Business

  • Annual Meeting – Iskierka requires Board approval for the 2019 budget.

  Road and Bridge $364,082

      General $ 76,800

      Fire protection       $ 60,000

      Total                      $500,882

Motion by McKenzie seconded by Paitl to approve 2019 budget of $500,882. Approved. 

  • Annual Meeting – Iskierka requires Board approval for the 2019 levy.

Road and bridge  $315,410

General                   $70,903

Fire protection        $60,000

Total                      $446,313

Motion by McKenzie second by Mell to approve 2019 levy of $46,313. Approved.

  • Deputy Clerk – Board interviewed two people and decided to keep looking for a Deputy Clerk. There was a suggestion to send a flyer in the Nessel Township area advertising that the Township is looking for a Deputy Clerk. 

Motion by Mell second by Paitl to send news flyer out to the Nessel Township area advertising for a Deputy Clerk. Approved.

  • Park ShelterAll the documents needed to get the approval from Chisago County so that the Township can receive the funds from the Township Park Fund to build the shelter was presented to the County. County approved the project and Nessel Township is waiting for the money before proceeding with the project.
  • Board of Appeal – Will be held on Tuesday April 17, 2018 at 9:30 am at Nessel Township. 
  • Spring Short Course– Training will be held at Holiday Inn in St Cloud on March 27,2018.
  • Blue Address Signs – Approval is needed for Resolution 3-2018 granting an award from Chisago County for acceptance and installation of reflective blue address signs. It will be mandatory to have the blue signs installed on the home side of street. 

Motion by Paitl second by McKenzie to approve Resolution 3-2018 that accepts the grant from Chisago County for the installation of the signs. Approved. 

  • Nessel Township Website – The website has not been updated for a year, therefore Iskierka will seek a professional to set it up and get the cost amount for the Township.

Motion by McKenzie second by Mell to seek a professional to set up a website for Nessel Township 

  • CATO Meeting – Meis and McKenzie attended the CATO Meeting last month and Tom McKenzie was awarded Supervisor of the Year for all his dedication to his community and the many years as a Township Supervisor. 


 Motion by Mell seconded by McKenzie to Adjourn at 8:15 pm.   Approved.