Minutes: July 10, 2018 Regular Board Meeting

Presented for approval at August 15, 2018 Board Meeting


July meeting was called to order at 7:00 pm by Michelle Meis with the Pledge of Allegiance.  Supervisors present included, John Paitl, Branden Mell, Betsy Rising and Tom McKenzie. Also present were Clerk, Stan Iskierka, Treasurer, Mary Dillner and Deputy Clerk Kelli Storck.  

Agenda (Additions or Changes) 


Motion by Paitl seconded by Mell to approve Agenda.  Approved. 

Approve Minutes 

Motion by Mell seconded by McKenzie to approve June Minutes. Approved.


Treasurer’s Report

Motion by Rising seconded by McKenzie to approve Treasurer’s Report. Approved. 


Motion by McKenzie seconded by Rising to approve paying bills.  Approved.

Conditional Use Permit

  • Rigo Tristan Rodeo-Owner Sara Medina – requested CUP to operate a rodeo as a commercial outdoor recreation business at 52400 Elmcrest Avenue in Nessel Township. Board discussed request for rodeo and decided that three conditions would have to be required: 
  1. Maintain dust control (Chloride) on Elmcrest from County Rd 1 to County Rd 3 as needed from May 1 – October 15 and shall utilize theTtownship chloriding program unless other arrangements are made with the Township.
  2. Contract police for traffic control and security in accordance with existing CUP.
  3. No street parking.

Motion by McKenzie second by Rising to Approve the Condition Use Permit with the three conditions: Approved.


  • Russ and Julie Erickson – Variance to tear down existing cabin and replace with new home was placed on hold until the residents were present to answer the questions that the Township Board had. 
  • Ritchie Ronning – Variance needed to add an attached garage closer to the road and the mound system than the required setback.

Motion by Mell second by Paitl to add an attached garage closer to the road and mound system than the required setback. Approved.

Open Forum

  • Paul Tubbs – He wants to dispute his tax statement. The Board advised that he should go to the Township Board of Appeals meeting which is held every year in April, which is when the County Assessor is at the Meeting to handle these types of discrepancies. 

Maintenance Report

  • Graded roads and new gravel
  • General maintenance
  • Removed trees from roads
  • Hauled gravel on various roads
  • Worked on road washout
  • Replaced signs
  • Mowed

Road Committee

  • Nessel Township Signs – Rising would like to install signs in 13 locations that would indicate that you are entering Nessel Township. Board discussed whether the signs are needed. This was placed on hold.  
  • 480th St. Access – Rising said it appears that someone may have created a field access entry to 480th Street and he has a field access on County Road 9 also.. She will keep an eye on it.
  • Anchor Ave – McKenzie, Joe Triplett, and Mike Robinson discussed Anchor Ave.regarding the pot holes and Otta Seal Surface on the road. Robinson and Triplett will get back to McKenzie on what to do. 
  • Muddy Gap Hollow – will call Joe Triplett to discuss Anchor Ave. and will continue to put recycle material on road until a decision is made. 
  • Clover Trail Road– There is concern about the road when the county starts hauling gravel from the gravel pit for Evergreen Road. The gravel and dust control will deteriorate from the road because of the hauling.  McKenzie talked to both Robinson, County Commissioner, and the Assistant County Engineer and they both assured him that the roads will be returned to the condition they were in when they started hauling. He was going to send a letter to the Township assuring us this would happen. The Board wants to ensure that the road will be returned to the Boards standards, therefore, the Board prefers to grade the road themselves and have whoever is going to chloride the road, be in coordination with us. Rising will contact Joe Triplett to discuss.

Policy Committee

  • Deputy Clerk – Mell updated the Policy Manual and changed Deputy Clerk from temporary to a permanent position and to be appointed by the Town Clerk in compliance with Minnesota State Statutes. 

Motion by Rising seconded by Paitl to add Deputy Clerk to Policy Manual. Approved.

     Old Business

  • Website – Should be ready in a few weeks.
  • Park Shelter – Currently working on putting the steel on the shelter and then will start the sidewalk and the grill. The electrician has been working on putting in different fixtures. We currently have 8 picnic tables with room for 3 more. Resident will check to see if RLIA will donate up to three picnic tables. In order to use the shelter, you will be required to rent the Town Hall. Add the Hall Rental agreement to the Policy Manual which includes that you have to rent the Township Hall to rent the Park Shelter. Make a “Rules” sign for the shelter.
  • Gravel– Test on gravel is really good. Results were: 10.1, 11.9, and 10.4.
  • Blue Address Signs – Muddy Gap Hollow Inc. to install 1,071 signs with the cost not to exceed $40,000 by the end of April 2019.

Motion by Rising seconded by Paitl that Muddy Gap Hollow contractor will install the signs and the cost to install signs not to exceed $40,000.00. Approved.

  • No Parking Signs– Board discussed the no parking signs that should be installed permanently on Clover Trail on the south side of the road. This would help the flow of traffic when Flickabirds have their 4th of July event. 

Motion by Rising seconded by Paitl to purchase “No Parking” signs and install signs on Clover Trail from the intersection of Clover Way to Raymond Johnson driveway. Approved.

  • 30 – MPH Signs – Muddy Gap Hollow would like to have five 30-MPH signs ordered to replace some faded signs.  

Motion by Rising seconded by Paitl to purchase five “30-MPH” signs. Approved.

  • Belle Isle SSD – Resident sent pictures of their driveway showing that the driveway has about 1 ½ foot drop where Belle Isle road meets with their drive way which can cause the car to scrape the pavement. Repairing this problem may come out of the retainage or the punch list. Mell to discuss this problem with SEH Engineer.  
  • There is project to crack sealing the new pavement on Belle Isle Dr.  Fahrner Paving contractor had a quote of $3250.00 to seal the cracks.    

Motion by McKenzie seconded by Rising to pay $3,250 from SSD account to Fahrner for crack sealing new pavement on Belle Isle Dr.  Approved.

  • Muskrat – Has dug under Belle Isle Dr. and that area has sunk. Farhrner has quote to repair holes for $1900.00.

Motion by Rising seconded by Paitl to pay $1,900 from Township budget to Fahrner to repair muskrat damage. Approved.

  • 514th St – Was paved and paid by Virgil Lindstrom and he has a 10 year Maintenance Contract with Nessel Township to maintain the road. Fahrner has a quote to crack seal the road for $792.00.

Motion by Rising seconded by Paitl to approve the crack sealing project of 514th St. Approved. 

  • Bayview Ave  Iskierka is working with resident to install culvert on his parcel at Bayview Ave

Motion by McKenzie seconded by Rising to have Iskierka work with resident to install culvert on Bayview Ave parcel. Approved


New Business

  • Clean-up Day – August 25th, 8 am-12 am. The Board Members will volunteer. 
  • Election Judge – Iskierka would like the approval for the list of Election Judges.  

Motion by Rising seconded by McKenzie to approve the Judges list. Approved.

  • Judge Training – Storck and Iskierka had election judge training on the new election equipment for three hours. 
  • Wild Hog Weeds – McKenzie had a call about weeds on the side of the road that they thought was wild hog weed. The C ounty came and looked at them. They said it was not a forbidden plant, but we should not let them get out of control. It may be something that we could include in our Annual statement about using chemical spraying.  

Motion by Rising seconded by McKenzie to adjourn at 10:10 pm.   Approved.