Minutes: September 11, 2018 Regular Board Meeting

Presented for approval at the October 9, 2018 Board Meeting


September meeting was called to order at 7:00 pm by Supervisor Michelle Meis with the Pledge of Allegiance. Supervisors also present included, John Paitl, Betsy Rising and Tom McKenzie. Also present was Clerk, Stan Iskierka, Treasurer, Mary Dillner and Deputy Clerk, Kelli Storck. Not present was Supervisor Branden Mell.


Agenda (Additions or Changes)

Motion by McKenzie seconded by Paitl to approve Agenda. Approved.


Approve Minutes


Motion by Rising seconded by Paitl to approve August Minutes. Approved.


Treasurer’s Report


Motion by Paitl seconded by Rising to approve Treasurer’s Report. Approved.




Motion by Rising seconded by Paitl to approve paying bills. Approved.




  • Vincent Charles – Variance to build just over the allowed maximum 2000 square feet storage pole barn in a residential district area. He has more than 30-acres in the RR1 Zoning District.


Motion by McKenzie seconded by Paitl to approve variance. Approved.


Maintenance Report


  • Graded roads and new gravel
  • General road maintenance
  • Black dirt and seeding around shelter
  • Hauled mattresses/tires to Evergreen Recycle that were found on the side of the road
  • Mowed



  • Discussion about concerns with garbage cans in the road and also about mail boxes that are non-compliant. Discussed different ways to pass this information on to the residents. One thought was to put the information in a newsletter to keep garbage cans in the driveways so they are not in the way of the snow plows and also put the requirements for mailboxes.


Motion by Rising seconded by Paitl to approve the maintenance report. Approved.


Road Committee


  • Signs – A 30-MPH sign is needed on Belle Isle. Muddy Gap Hollow is aware and they will install sign.


  • Culvert – Resident on Belle Isle has culvert/draining issues and wondering if the Township can do anything about it. The concrete culvert was installed too low so when the lake comes up, the culvert does not drain.


  • Culvert – Another resident called and said their culvert is not draining. The water was starting to fill up in the swamp. Rising cleared the rocks from in front of the culvert so that it would drain.


  • Garbage Cans – Rising checked into different size/type garbage cans for the shelter. Discussed putting the garbage cans out only when the shelter is rented. We are placing the purchasing of garbage cans on hold for now.


  • Trees – Rising sent a letter to a resident on Clover Trail and asked if the resident would trim their trees that are extending into the road right of way. The resident is wondering who is complaining about the trees. Rising has not heard anything further as far as if the resident will trim the trees.


   Old Business


  • Hall Rental Agreement – Discussion was regarding the new application and policy for the Hall/Shelter rental. Storck will make some changes and email them to the board. The board will resume discussion at the next meeting.


  • Website – The website is up and running. All emails will go to Iskierka and he will disperse them to the proper board member.


  • Park Shelter – The electrical should be completed soon. We will get a metal box to put on the ground underneath the grill to catch and contain ashes that may have fallen from the charcoal pan. Discussed extinguishing the coals and who should dispose of the charcoal/ashes and also discussed putting up a “Reserved” sign for when the shelter is rented.





  • Bayview Ave – Driveway – Joe (renter) will pick up a culvert. Resident said that Iskierka would write a letter stating that the residents’ taxes would not go up because a culvert was installed. A letter will not be written as the Township does not have any say in regards to his taxes.


  • Blue Signs – The signs will be picked up by Iskierka and Sutcliff on Thursday. Installing of the signs will be installed soon by Muddy Gap Hollow.


New Business


  • Culvert Resolution – Iskierka wrote a resolution regarding driveways/culverts and swinging arm mailboxes. The Board would like the resolution to say “If mailbox is not in compliance, the Township is not responsible for the damage/replacement.” The Board will look at the resolution and discuss it further at the next meeting.


  • Carpet Cleaning – Storck got two estimates for carpet cleaning of the Town Hall. The Board decided to go with Premier Carpet Cleaning. The cost in the bid is $714.09, plus $50.00 more for them to return the following day to put the furniture back in place. Storck will set up a day for the carpet cleaning.


Motion by Rising seconded by McKenzie to have Premier Carpet Cleaning clean the Town Hall carpeting and return the following day to put the furniture back in place. Approved.

Motion by Rising seconded by Paitl to adjourn at 8:25 pm. Approved.