Questions About Broadband GrantAnnual Tax Cost is too high!
Ron Burger asked 4 years ago

CenturyLink should carry a larger burden. CenturyLink has been over charging for their so called high speed internet for years with below par service. I would like to know their monthly pricing plan before getting onboard. I’m inclined to wait for StarLink ( ) and support Elon Musk.

Ron Burger replied 4 years ago

Additional thoughts. Why push a tax burden on others that do not want this when there are other alternatives available. StarLink equipment cost is estimated at $300.- for installation with a subscription fee that I understand will be comparatively priced, and should be available in 2021. StarLink is not funded by the government so overall state burden is also eliminated. Why does CenturyLink need subsidies to accomplish the same objectives and push additional cost to customers and to Nessel Township residents? Many of whom will elect to use a different service or not use the service at all? Based on a $200 tax for 15 years = $3000, which everyone has to pay whether or not they get the service. Plus the monthly fee, which is an additional $65.- per month. Instead, a person can get 3.8 years for service @ $65.- per month for the same price from StarLink, and not pay the tax, nor be burdened at the state level. That $1.6 million of Grant money could be used in other ways.

Registered voter replied 4 years ago

Starlink is what we call vaporware. It doesn’t exist. There’s not one single customer on it. There’s not one single customer scheduled to be on it for at least another 6 months. It’s unproven technology and the FCC hasn’t even approved his latest plan for the additional satellelites he now says he needs to make it all work. Give it 5 years of real world use and then we’ll talk about how great it is. Until then, pass the fiber!