Questions About Broadband GrantAre we to be kept in the dark ages??
Lisa Ripp asked 4 years ago

There should be NO question whether to take advantage of this opportunity to get broadband into our community.  Many people are working from home, have home based businesses (myself included) and the need for telemedicine, online learning and even Egovernment only continues to grow.  I’m shocked and amazed that our town board has even debated this issue.  Your citizens NEED this service!  To throw away the opportunity of paying a mere 25% of the related costs is nothing short of ludicrous.  Shall we lose this opportunity and end up paying substantially more for this infrastructure?  It’s only a matter of time before it gets here.  Let’s get it done at the best price possible for your citizens.  That means vote YES on June 9th.  Thank you.  

Tom2 replied 4 years ago

Well said Lisa, this technology is the best of the day and will viable for decades, even if one doesn’t use it it will increase your property value far beyond the low tax that you will pay.

Jane Brown replied 4 years ago

I completely agree with you! It is called progress… It would be detrimental to future growth of the community and jeopardize opportunities for jobs, etc.