Questions About Broadband Grantinternet-needed-but-not-a-good-deal
Brian Sutton asked 4 years ago

As title says, internet is needed but this deal has too many negatives.
1> Home value should not be how we pay. The internet does not care how much my house costs. We have 2030 residence, we will all benefit the same, we should all pay the same. Take the $1,381,292.00 and divide by 2030 you get $680.44 per residence. That amount could be taxed out in less than 7 years.
2> Century links portion is too small. 45% is a minority share for a company that will profit from it. PLUS who set the cost? Century Link! Are they going to use our money first and if its cheaper they save on there portion?
3> No rate cost set before we approve the deal. Once they have it installed, what will hold them from doubling or tripling our rate. I want a contract with them also.
Just because we have a grant does not mean we should take the first deal! Renagotiate! We should be in control not Century Link!

Brian Sutton replied 4 years ago

I would like to correct my first statement above. We have 2030 residents not residences in Nessel township. Therefore my math is incorrect. We have around 1000 address’s which would double the costs and the payback time frame putting us back in the 15 year range which is too long.

Joel Fusco replied 4 years ago

Totally Agree. Need to decline and move the Phase 2 and get other carriers bidding to get this business. We will get better service and hopefully wont have to pay for it at all.

Branden Mell replied 4 years ago

Thanks for your input guys. The board understands that there may be multiple options for highspeed internet in the future. This straw poll process is our attempt to understand how the majority of people feel about highspeed internet. We get many call from people requesting better highspeed options and this program was developed in response to those requests. Thanks again for the input, this is exactly the type of response we were hoping for.

Tom2 replied 4 years ago

So we are hoping that outside carriers are going to come in without the state grant and offer us a better deal? Why aren’t they offering service now? It’s because we don’t have the residencies to make it worth their time. This is a great opportunity that our Township has gotten for us and it should be taken advantage of. I commend all of our township board members for presenting this opportunity.