Greg Thody asked 4 years ago

 It seems that if we sign up for this grant package as proposed, we will all be locked-in for 15 years of increase tax cost, regardless if you use the service or not, or if the service quality and future rates prove to be non-competitive. 15 years is a long time to pay for something technology related and has the risk of being obsolete long before its paid for.  – Greg

Ron Burger replied 4 years ago


Tom2 replied 4 years ago

Fiber is only going to get better and no over air or laser technology has the capability of reliably surpassing it, this will increase your property value by far more than you pay in tax even if you do not use it. The company that I work for is pushing for more work at home because of the increase in productivity that they have seen and decreasing their cost of office space in the cities.
Nessel Township was a pioneering town in the past and this is the new pioneer, likely there will not be another opportunitity available to us. if we reject this grant.

Current home value increase is over 3% without regard to covid-19, people will not forget this pandemic and rural home prices with fiber will increase more in the future.