Questions About Broadband GrantNeed to move on to Phase 2 of this CAF Program.
Joel Fusco asked 4 years ago

How do we look at the second phase of this CAF program? CenturyLink as the “Price Cap Carrier” is not contributing enough (should be the entire 25% they are suggesting in a levy) considering the profitability they will sustain from this build out. MSO’s like Midco or others will be part of Phase 2 as I understand it if this is declined per the description below of the CAF. Hopefully the Township has already investigated this for our benefit and can articulate further?
CAF Phase II support is being allocated in two stages.  First, the funding was offered to primarily larger local telephone companies (“price cap carriers”) on a state-by-state basis in certain high-cost unserved and underserved areas in exchange for those companies offering voice and broadband services meeting certain requirements to a required number of locations in eligible areas.  Second, in areas where the support was declined and in certain other high-cost unserved and underserved areas located in the price cap carriers’ service territories, support was allocated through the CAF Phase II auction.  Service providers  including electric cooperatives, wireless Internet service providers, cable operators, telecom carriers, and a satellite company — competed to receive funding in exchange for offering voice and broadband services meeting certain requirements to a required number of locations in the eligible areas covered by their winning bids.
Need to look into this as in many cases “Cable or Fiber” broadband (Midco or Comcast as an example) is more scale-able and reliable technology. Most legacy ILEC’s like CenturyLink utilize the existing copper pair to bring in internet on the last mile causing latency and outages in addition to limitations on speed etc. Cable runs usually over Coax over the last mile. Lets go to Phase 2 and get better service with little to no levy’s.

Tom2 replied 4 years ago

My understanding is this is fiber to your building, is Midco ggoing to do this without the State grant money? In this uncertain economy this opportunity should be taken advantage of as it may not be offered in a long time especially if we decline the state grant.