Questions About Broadband GrantQuestion-on-town-board-voting-process
Jacqueline Larson asked 4 years ago

Why is the town board meeting on June 2 closed? Will we know the results of the straw poll? What is the plan for determining if the plan moves forward or not? Are you looking at a majority of responses being Yes to move forward? Or a majority of residents…? Half..? Please provide some answers on this. Could we accept the grant contingent on CenturyLink paying part or all of the tax levy or a larger portion–say 60% of the total cost? As far as the closed meeting, it could at least be offered via Zoom or similar technology since it may be difficult to social distance. There have been some really good questions on aspects of this grant that have not been answered on this post. At least over here on east Rush many of us already have internet and would not need this grant. While I sympathize with others who need internet, it appears there may be other alternatives to explore.

Branden Mell replied 4 years ago

The meeting on June 2nd will not be closed to the public. That was a bad choice of words when I drafted the schedule. The meeting on June second will be open to residents who wish to listen, but it will not have an open forum portion during the meeting. The intent of the June 2nd meeting is for the board members to tabulate the post card responses and discuss feedback received in person and on this web-page. The information regarding this meeting will be posted in the same manner as any other Township meeting. It will be available in Skype format via call in number 1-855-973-1614 and the Conference ID number is 55699.
In response to some of your other questions; the board intends to vote on June 9th on whether to accept the grant and sign a business subsidy agreement with CenturyLink, each board member will have to take into consideration the responses from the straw poll post cards and other feedback received in consideration of how to vote, the determination is entirely up to a vote by the board, CenturyLink could not pay any potion of the Township’s levy once a bond sale happens.